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We first produce time

thanks to our high technology…

We speed up the workpiece production process and produce time for our customers without reducing the quality, with our speed to print 16.000 sheets and capacity of folding 200.000 boxes an hour, thanks to our Bobst pattern-cutting, foil gilt, hard box, lamination, cellophane, folding and binding machines, which are able to perform both cutting and sorting at the same time.


We opened our doors to the world as a small-scale printing house in 1990 in Cağaloğlu, Istanbul.
We grew with the regular investments we made in technology and moved to our new premises in Seyrantepe in 2001. We soon became one of the distinguished printing houses of Turkey in packaging production. We are an award winning company known for its quality and meticulousness in our sector.

Our technology

Post-printing special finishing operations
adds glimmer and boosts the visibility.

Special Printing Types


Post-printing delivery process requires another production. Domestic delivery vehicles delivers service around the clock, whenever required. Our team, experienced in operations such as export transactions and custom clearance products, follow up the process if our products are to be exported overseas. They carry out the delivery on time, whether in the country or overseas.


• It adopts it as a principle to review and improve the efficiency of the system in an effort to ensure persistence in Customer Satisfaction, making the most of the resources, fully meeting the expectations of the customers and adding value to them with on-time and proper production, in accordance with the principles of Quality management system, thanks to the strength it draws from its employees who can produce information, learning how to get the information resources and making the most of such information,
Solving the problems by getting to the root of the problem,
Sharing his/her experience and know-how with his/her colleagues,
Thinking freely, creatively, investigative and interrogative,
Possessing the features of awareness,
• Determined, strong-willed, self-confident,
Targeting personal success,
• Working, producing and making new synthesis together, in cooperation,
• Sharing the problems and the solutions to the problems, possessing a team spirit,
Catching up with the general from the specific and the universality from the general,
Following up the technological developments as an individual with developed environmental awareness,
Taking lessons from his/her mistakes,
Paying respect to the rights and liberties of others, even if not in the same view and belief,
Able to make a connection between the universal knowledge and life,
Able to think analytically,
Able to produce safe product in specified quality,
Fulfilling his/her responsibilities towards his/her customer,
• Integrating the quality with himself/herself, remembered when it comes to quality,
Minimising the wastes generated in our production and other activities,
• Responsive to bio environment, cautious and sensitive in terms of potential pollution and hygiene,
Cooperating with non-governmental organisations, with respect to the environment,
Working with materials and suppliers that are sensitive to the environment and prevent environmental pollution,
• Paying utmost attention to occupational health and safety, complying with the legal regulations..


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