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The coasters look humble but the results they create are surprising. They use the same methods as the billboards for an effect but achieve more. While people are required to see the billboards from a distance and pick up your message in 10 seconds, the messages on the coasters spend the time with potential customers, what’s more they even get in their homes together with them. The research carried out indicate that 62% of people take the coasters with them.

The structure of coasters as a medium is suitable for any message. It can easily carry the image or message of a prestigious and serious or humorous and funny brand, as occasions require.

Our coasters made by Colorist are more quality as against average coasters, with its paper texture and special materials. They are durable and eco-friendly.

Our coasters not only serve as regular coasters. They can get into different shapes. They come in different forms as you may name, such as door hangers, table top games, 3 D visuals, etc. the limits are the top of your imagination. If you share what you need in coasters, we will be happy to help you bring about the solution you dream about.

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