Coasters look unassuming, but the results are astonishing. In terms of effect, they use the same methods as billboards, but achieve more. While people have to see billboards from meters away and perceive your message within 10 seconds, messages on coasters spend time with your potential customers, even going home with them. Studies show that 62% of people take their coasters with them.

As a medium, the structure of coasters is suitable for all kinds of messages. It can easily carry a prestigious and serious brand image or message whenever you want, funny and entertaining.

Our Colorist coasters are more qualified than the average coasters with their paper structure and special material. It allows longer use and is environmentally friendly.

Our coasters don't just serve as coasters. They can take shape. They take on any form you can think of, such as door hangers, desktop games, three-dimensional visuals. Boundaries are the extremes of your imagination.