Opening its doors to the world as a small printing house in Istanbul/Cağaloğlu in 1990, growing rapidly with regular investments in technology and moving to its new building in Seyrantepe in 2001,

Being one of the few printing houses in Turkey in a short time in packaging production,

We are a multi-award winning company known in the industry for its quality and meticulousness.


Investigative, questioning, creative and free-thinking,
Able to produce information by learning how to access information resources and how to use them in the most efficient way,
Getting down to the root of the problem and solving the problem,
Sharing his experiences and experiences with his friends,
Knowing and targeting that company success supports individual success,
We are a company that integrates quality with itself and comes to mind when it comes to quality.


In line with the principles of the quality management system, we are a company that uses resources in the most efficient way, meets customer expectations in a timely and correct manner, adds value, and aims to continuously improve the efficiency of the system in order to ensure continuity in customer satisfaction.


Being able to follow technological developments as an individual with environmental awareness,
Minimizing wastes arising from production and other activities,
Working with materials and suppliers that are environmentally friendly and prevent environmental pollution,
We are a company that cooperates with environmental non-governmental organizations.


Working in solidarity, producing and making new syntheses,
Sharing problems and solutions to problems, having team spirit,
Capable of catching the general from the particular, the universal from the general,
Respecting the rights and freedoms of others, even if they are not of the same opinion and belief,
We are a company that pays maximum attention to occupational and worker health and fully complies with legal regulations.